About Us

Who We Are is a newsmedia giving the voice to all African Descendants on the subject on their past and contemporary condition and concerns.

For many centuries the black Africans have directly or indirectly been forced to leave the mother continent and labour for the construction of different Empires in which the essay club write my essay rapid they are still somehow too often today looked upon as second-class citizens.

The African Culture scattered in the four corners of the globe, through its diaspora, is consequently huge and diverse.

Who We Are has as an objective to be a complete media and research tool dealing with African and African descents’concerns. Its content, both in English and French, includes videos, articles, and podcasts relating past and contemporary accounts about the Africanism and its diaspora in the West and elsewhere.

The contributors to the media the essay club write my essay rapid are mainly academics somehow connected to the African continent. This media also has the objective to become a predominant Think-tank for Black African Cultural Studies.

The spirit of Who We Are is that of anti-colonialism, tolerance, and openness.